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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Chrysalis staff are extremely personable and great to work with even under great pressure."

"Chrysalis delivers results. Their business advice left virtually no aspect of our business untouched; They have impressed everyone with their dedication, innovation and professionalism. They have continually refined, rethought and experimented with ways to squeeze more performance out of every detail. One of their many talents is their communication skills whether it be internal or with clients and partners. They know their business and they get the job done."
CEO of a telecomms company

"Just by looking at what we did in a different way, we have been able to change some of our processes, resulting in a more streamlined production flow, consistent first time quality and improved financial results."

"Chrysalis have been one of the best investments I have made in my business and have delivered a return beyond all my expectations."

"Robbie gave me a lot of expert advise that should enable my business move from its infancy into a period of growth"
Tom Beard, Environmental Services Professional

"The advice Robbie provided has enabled us to work on our business rather than just working for our business. He explains ideas simply and concisely and has made us look at our business in a new and much more productive way. I envisage us continuing to implement his ideas for some considerable time"
Judi Brazkiewicz, Holos Healthcare & Training Ltd

"Robbie is a really great example of a people-person. He is a great listener, and offers wise advice that hits the spot. He is very perceptive, and always seems to determine how someone is feeling."
Steven Borwell-Fox, Borwell Ltd

"“Robbie has been instrumental in providing first class business coaching . He is a very attentive listener, his advice comes from years of proven experience, he has a large breadth of diverse industry knowledge and he is one of the best people person that I have come across. In terms of organisation and leadership I was constantly being amazed at his level of knowledge and understanding as well as his ability to transpose that knowledge in clear concise messages with relevant examples. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robbie and certainly when I need advice, coaching or help he is always my first point of call.""
Mark Frascina, Soloman Marketing Ltd

"“Robbie has an excellent enabling and empowering coaching and training style and he builds rapport with his clients very quickly. Robbie's business performance coaching has also enabled me to overcome some hurdles to maximising the potential of my business and helped me turn ideas into strategies and potential clients. Robbie not only has integrity, which is very important to me, but is also an expert in his field. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”"
Mandi Bishop, Turquoise Tree