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About Chrysalis Performance

Focused on delivering practical advice that works resulting in sustainable performance improvements and improved profitability, we specialise in working with businesses committed to improving their efficiency and who want to deliver measureable results.

…thinking beyond success

Our approach is simple, we agree exactly what needs to be done, complete any research or investigation necessary and then agree an action plan with you. We then project manage the implementation, until the results have been delivered in full. Where new processes or systems are introduced, we provide an effective approach to communication, training and deployment.

…thinking beyond success

We have a track record in delivering practical solutions for companies requiring:

Whether the changes required are in your existing practices, such as procurement or credit management, or in the way your business is organised, managed and lead, our team of seasoned professionals give you the help that you need.

…thinking beyond success

Working either individually or in a small team, we blend for you the right combination of specialists for the work in hand. If we need to, we call on our extended team of pre-vetted independent consultants / interim managers so that you can concentrate on your core business and get on with delivering results.

…thinking beyond success with you!